Edwin & Stella Ajaere Foundation

…Improving lives one person at a time


About Us

The Edwin and Stella Ajaere Foundation is a not for profit organization, focused on identifying social–economic deficiencies in the society and deploying resources that address the same. Our initiatives are intentionally designed to propel and promote human progress within Africa and beyond.

As an organization, we have multiple far reaching programs that focus on bridging the skill gap in technology, providing quality education; grooming entrepreneurs and providing affordable health care to vulnerable people in the society.

The foundation is managed by a board of directors, which include family members and other professionals with valuable experience from different sectors of the economy. The unifying purpose for the team is a desire to make a positive impact.


Our mission is to create interventions that will give people access to affordable healthcare, quality education, and entrepreneurial & technology skills empowerment.


To leave the world better than we found it


  • Passion for change
  • Compassion for others
  • Service to humanity