Edwin & Stella Ajaere Foundation

The Edwin and Stella Ajaere Foundation is a non-profit organisation that is focused on identifying topical issues that affect people in the society and providing innovative ways of alleviating them thereby propelling and promoting socio-economic wellbeing in Africa and beyond.


About Us

For over 10 years, our strategic focus has been ensuring quality education is assessable to all, improving the quality of health of people across Nigeria and promoting entrepreneurship and economic advancement using technology. Through its Health, Empowerment & Education (H.E.E) initiative, the Foundation is relentlessly committed to improving lives and creating a better world for all by providing necessary support to some of the most vulnerable people in the society.

Our People

The Edwin Ajaere Foundation is managed by a highly resourceful team whose ultimate goal is to make indelible positive impact in the world. Our Board of directors, which includes selected members of the Ajaere family and other professionals with valuable experience from different sectors of the economy thrives on this shared goal of making the world better.


To create interventions that will give people access to affordable healthcare, quality education and entrepreneurial empowerment.


To leave the world better than we found it


  • Passion for change
  • Compassion for others
  • Service to humanity